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What People Don’t Say About Mondays

Every Friday, you'll see your social networking feeds being deluged with lines like, "I love Fridays!" "Hooray! It's Friday!" or "Hello Friday!".  Why don't...
How I Wake Up on Weekdays vs. Weekends Weekends: "Yikes! I'm late! What time is it?" "Oh. Riiiight! It's a weekend!" Weekdays: "It feels like a weekend! ZzzzZzz" "It's a Monday & I'm definitely late!"

How I Wake Up on Weekends vs. Weekdays

This is definitely how I wake up on weekends vs. weekdays!  My body clock loves waking me up after having exactly 6 hours of...
Various Stages of Internet Addiction Illustrated

Too Much Time Online

Too Much Time Online More internet? Click here. Are you guilty? Like us on Facebook :D
Googly Gooeys: Questions We Ask Ourselves "What do I really want to do with my life?" "What have I accomplished so far?" "What do I really want to be?" "Should I pee now or later?"

Questions We Ask Ourselves

Questions We Ask Ourselves: What do you usually ask yourself when  you’re in a reflective mood? I hate it when my brain won't let me...