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Burp Day!

No self-respecting decent person would probably greet herself online and say, "Happy birthday to me!" but let me abuse take this opportunity to finally...
Googly Gooeys How People React to Their Birthdays "No one is allowed to greet me on my Facebook wall" "Oh yay! Birthdays! Hmm...What hsould I buy as a gift for myself?" "Oh! I'm going to need more of these anti-aging creams!" "Finally! I'm a legal" "Can't wait for my birthday leave! Freeedoooom!" "This will be the last time that I'll be called a twenty-something" "Birthdays? A perfect excuse to eat cakes!" "I used to receive gifts on my birthday & now I have to spend for everyone!"

Birthdays: How People React & 10a Alabama Finds!

We usually get a lot of requests from people asking us to greet them a Happy birthday via the Googly Gooeys. Recently, we received a...