Googly Gooeys Tips on How to Get Organized with Filed Folders 1. Have a special place for your small USB drives & keys. 2. Remove items you don't need so your folder won't become to heavy. 3. Sort your documents per category so that you can easily find them. 4. Put all your writing materials in one place so that it's easy to access. 5. Make sure you have identification for your things so you won't misplace them.

Get Organized with Filed Folders!

Get organized! Well, the first step in organizing your life is organizing your stuff. Hehe. Just imagine the amount of time you'll save not having...
Googly Gooeys Pins & Markers

My Messy Living Room

Well, I was supposed to be cleaning the house but as usual, if you follow the Googlygooeys (@googlygooeys) on Instagram, you would know that...
Googly Gooeys Bag Tags Now Available in Singapore and Bag Tag Designs

Bag Tags Now Available in Singapore

Customizable Googly Gooey bag tags are now available in SINGAPORE via Bag Tag Express. The shop is located at the 3rd floor of Vivo City...