Googly Gooeys Life Without Google Doing Research Before Google "Sigh! I've searched a lot of books" "I was up all night & this was all I got" "I wish there was an easier way to get some info" Doing Research wit the Help of Google "Oh! I could just Google all the stuff I need!" "I was up all night & this was all I came up with" "It's so easy for me to get distracted with whatever else I wanted to search"

Life Without Google: Researching Then & Now

Have you ever imagined what life without Google would have been like?  Well, if you lived in the era of nothing but encyclopedias and...
Facebook Problems by The Googly Gooeys "Why? Why should Facebook show the world what stuff I liked?" "B-b-b-b-b-buttt I don't want to shift to timeline" "Pffft! Another invitation to a game!"

Facebook Problems

Have these Facebook problems been annoying you lately? :) Gone are the days when people were able to separate their online life from the real...
The Googly Gooeys Why People Take Forever to Reply Frame: What is life without chocolates? "Ah! Cleaning my inbox...What a good way to start the day!" 15 e-mails later: "Hmmm...I'll reply to this later. My brain's still sleepy. It's still too early!" 2 weeks & 150 e-mails later... "Yikes! I still haven't replied to this! Should I just tell them I was busy?"

Replying to E-mails: Why It Takes Forever

Replying to e-mails is probably already a part of our system everyday.  Sure, we answer social networking comments, tweets, text messages almost immediately (although...
Googly Gooeys The Alphabet of Social Networking M - message, milestone N - Notifications O - Open a file P - Public, Profile Pictures, Post Q - Quote, queue R - relationship, retweet,reblog S - status update, spam T - tumblr, twitter, tag U - unfriend, unfollow V - video W - widget X - x to close Y - youtube Z - zoom

Social Networking Alphabet (Part2)

Social Networking Alphabet (Part 2) Well, here's part 2 of the Social Networking Alphabet! If you missed part 1, scroll down or click here. I'm...
Googly Gooeys Social Networking Elements in Real Life Ponggo with lots of tags (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram Tagging)

Social Networking Elements in Real Life (Part 1: Tagging)

Just imagine if all the social networking actions we did were real! Do you remember the first time you ever signed up for a social...
Googly Gooeys How People Bond These Days 1) No one's looking at each other 2) There are moments of silence 3) At least one person is in charge of documenting the moment via instagram, twitter, facebook etc. 4) They're interacting more with people online than in real life. 5) Eyes on their gadgets

How People Bond These Days

Just look at how people bond these days! Well, this is how people bond these days. Yes, I actually thought that one day, I will...
Googly Gooeys The Life (and Death) of Your Social Networking Account Stage 1: Am I the only one without a (name of social networking site) account? 2. Fine, fine. Let me create an account to see what all the fuss is about Stage 3: This is funnnn! I could get used to this Stage 4: No one's updating their accounts anymore. Stage 5: Maybe it's time to leave and sign up for another account in a new social networking site

The Life (and Death) of Your Social Networking Account

Social Networking: The Life (and Death) of a Social Networking Site Social networking is probably one of the most overused terms these days.  I'm still...
Googly Gooeys I Have an App for That "I have an app that can tell me how much calories I've consumed." "I have an app for that too. It's called self-discipline." "I have an app for the weather." "I have that app too! It's called that window" "I also have an app that let's me play games with other people" "I have that too. It's called playing Monopoly Deal with your real friends." "Finally, I have an app that tells you how I feel with these cute emoticons" "Me too! It's called look-at-me-and-stop-tinkering-with-your-phone app!"

I Have an App for That!

I have an app for that! "I have an app for that!"  I think we've been over-reliant on app these days.  Tell me how many...
Googly Gooeys Waiting for a Reply on Twitter (part 2) "She hasn't replied. Maybe she's not online." "Hmmm..Let me check. She IS online" "Maybe I was being tactless" "Maybe she doesn't want to be friends with

Waiting for a Reply on Twitter

Waiting for a Reply (Part 2) Waiting for a reply on Twitter may not be the most exciting thing at times.  The minutes in between...

Tumblr Error Page & Your Personal Issues

It's the Tumblr Error Page again! Oh noooo! Tumblr Error Page ! It stares at you, so aloof, it won't budge.  I was editing something...

Five Signs That You’re Opening Too Many Tabs on Your Browser

Gone are the days when I had to wait for one page to load. The internet has transformed me from a productive netizen to...

If Google Suggestions Were a Person (Part2)

Google suggestions can be frank and tactless :)
Googly Gooeys Five Signs That You're Addicted to DrawSomething 1. Your initial motivation to try the game was to draw but now it's "Ahhh...that spring color pallet is love" "Must.Get.More.Bombs." 2. You constantly advertise your DrawSomething ID in all Social Networking Sites "Hello! I'm Tipsydoodles. Play with me on DrawSomething" 3. You have so many games going on at the same time. "Sigh. People take too much time to draw" "...and you'd like them to draw like you?" 4. Multi-tasking means you're doing your work whil waiting for others to draw "Has anyone sent me their drawings yet?" " 5. The highlight of your day is when you think someone won't understand you drawing but they did! "Someone guessed my drawing correctly! I'm an artiste!"

Five Signs That You’re Addicted to Draw Something!

Five Signs That You're Addicted to Draw Something I was addicted to Draw Something for a while.  I kept on seeing "Let's play Draw Something"...
Internet Speed: Snail's Pace "What part of deadline do you not understand?" Slow. "Wow. This is going to take forever." Just Right. Above Average: You're a multi-tasking procrastinator. As fast as flash!

Internet Speeds: Of Snails & Superheroes

Internet Speeds: Of Snails & Superheroes More cartoons about zee internet? Click here. How fast is your connection?
Stalkers & Followers: Words Redefined

Online Stalkers + Followers: Words Redefined

These words used to be scary and now, they're associate to anyone who's sitting the whole day in front of the computer or smart phone doing nothing but checking all the stuff that Google might cough up!
Googly Gooeys I Have an Active Social Life "I like to believe I have an active social life" with logos of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Multiply & Myspace

I Have an Active Social Life

These days people really believe they have an active social life because they're able to get in touch with friends and they know about...