An Honest Relationship

13 years ago today, Ponggo and I discovered we were each other’s crush.  Locally, you would call it MU which is short for Mutual Understanding.  (So kids, what do you call it these days?)  Anyway, at that time, we were both completing our practicum.  He was always so sweet.  He would always ask me if I wanted coffee.  Now, he totally hates me for drinking the same thing because it makes me fat.  *But of course, we would still share a Venti once in a while.* 🙂  In the middle of the summer, he would even volunteer to walk for 4 blocks to the advertising firm that I was working for just so that he’d see me.  Now, if you ever ask him to do that, you’ll see his face turn into that blue dude in the 4th frame: uninterested, annoyed and unwilling to compromise.

Well, what am I saying?  It doesn’t mean that a relationship is eventually going towards doomsday. I just think it’s funny that after more than a decade, when we finally don’t feel the need to impress each other for us to like each other, we just become more honest and practical.  Too practical sometimes, it hurts. Lol.

Painting Plana Forma Pretzel MU versarySpeaking of, I was working on a bunch of posters for an upcoming Watercolor & Lettering Workshop at Plana Forma the past two days.  I noticed that after all these years, after all the new brushes I bought, I would still go back to using this ugly brush.

(Warning: Cheesy text ahead.)

Every time I look at this watercolor brush, I break into a smile. It’s far from perfect, the shiny coating has been peeled off and we’ve been through a lot (of projects).  It’s as if I can see right through its soul.  But, it’s still my favorite because  I always feel at home with it. I think this pretty much sums up my relationship with Ponggo!

Happy 13 years of being each other’s crush. Haha.


Tipsy ❤


I was planning to work on some Easter eggs. If you’ve been following the blog for a while now, you would know that I’ve been hooked to working on some acrylic randomness.  *I have yet to come up with a unified hashtags for all my abstract posts. Help!*  I mean, I’ve practically playing with shapeless colors on any surface.  I recently painted on my laptop.

05 Holding Easter Eggs IMG_1360

I was planning to boil the eggs but I had a dilemma on how many I could work on.  I didn’t want them to go to waste.  Thanks to Alessa of Life After Breakfast for the tip!  She told me she punctured the eggs and blew out the contents.  Following her advice, I did the same yesterday and now we will be having omelettes for a week. 🙂

DIY Colorful Easter Eggs

I usually use a thick coat of acrylic but I for this one, I used a thinner amount.  I didn’t know how nice the texture of eggshells was.  Now I wish I could look for a flat surface that’s similar to this.  Any suggestions? 🙂

Painting on Easter Eggs

Anyway, hope you’ll have a fun Easter ahead and I hope you get to paint them eggs be it with kids or kids at heart. 🙂

Acrylic Easter Egg

Happy Easter! 🙂





  • I love that realization there Tipsy! That “cheesy” post though…It makes me feel giddy. Those painted easter eggs are by far the best I have ever seen!

    • Haha. Thanks for the unwavering moral support. I actually got teary-eyed when I wrote that. Good thing I was wearing a pair of shades!?!

  • Donna Marie Kiritharan

    Granny, it’s so inspiring – how you guys ended up together. There is true love <3 And probably a forever too!

    You guys are too cute!

    • Haha. Thanks!! It’s still sounds funny that it’s been THAT long. I mean, I just felt like I married this guy three years ago. Hahaha.

  • Haaay! So true about being practical nowadays. My hubby used to give his fries to me when we eat at a fast food chain. Now, he tells me not to eat the fries because it’s making me fat and unhealthy. Haha!

    So, did you make two puncture holes in one egg? I wanna do that with my kids.

    • Hahahaha. Yup, he purposely buys white chocolates just so that I don’t touch them because I’m into dark ones. Hehehe.
      As for the eggs, I did some guess work & used a fork then just applied the right amount of force. You’re technically supposed to puncture them with a huge safety pin or sewing needle but I used a fork then covered the hole with acrylic. Hahahahaha. #NotSoNeat

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